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AMD Systems
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Best Gaming PC Under $1000
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David Tran - Google Review

"The benchmarks for my build are beyond expectations and I'm glad I went with this machine...Overall I'm super happy with what I've got here and would gladly recommend."

Fan Zhang - Google Review

"I was impressed with the build quality...I would definitely recommend TechFast to my friends and anyone needing a new computer."

Trevor Clavell - Google Review

"Great product, I was serching for months for a PC come across Techfast...very happy so far"

What Is The Best Cheap Gaming PC?

First of all, when we’re talking cheap gaming PC, you might be talking about a gaming PC under $700, $1000, $1500, or even $2000. After all, the sky is the limit when you’re talking about high end gaming PC hardware. But for the best cheap gaming PC, it’s all about getting the best bang for your buck - you want the maximum return on frames per second, per dollar spent.

With their Ryzen and Core processors, both AMD and Intel offer current-generation processors to meet this need. And when combined with a great range of graphics card options from AMD and NVIDIA, your next cheap gaming PC will be powerful enough to play the latest games at a price everyone can afford.

We offer affordable gaming PC options on both AMD and Intel platforms, with the best value gaming processor and graphics card combinations anywhere in the market.

Browse through our collections of AMD Ryzen desktop PCs and Intel Core gaming desktops with graphics by AMD Radeon or NVIDIA, and you’ll find options to suit any budget gaming PC build, with money left over to upgrade your motherboard, memory, storage and more!

Parts for Cheap Gaming PC

When it comes to processors, the AMD Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5, or Intel Core i3 and Core i5 are the ideal starting point, providing a power and performance for a gaming PC under $1000.

In graphics cards, the AMD Radeon RX 580 has proven the best performer when it comes to raw frames per dollar spent. Above $1000, the Radeon RX 6650 XT and 6700 XT offer oustanding 1080p gameplay.

NVIDIA have traditionally offered a large range of low to mid-range cards, perfect parts for a cheap gaming PC, and the GeForce RTX 3060 series cards, with the added bonus of ray tracing + DLSS (AI-based upscaling) technology, hit the mark here. 

Other parts for a cheap gaming PC include the motherboard, power supply, RAM and storage. TechFast offers entry level products and pricepoints for all of these components, lowering the cost of entry for everyone, while offering upgrade paths for those seeking greater performance and value. TechFast offers components from Allied Gaming among other well-known brands.

How To Build A Cheap Gaming PC

You could spend hours researching how to build a cheap gaming PC. There’s some pretty advanced knowledge required before you even begin – you need to know which processor you’re going to use, and therefore which motherboard and chipset you need, before moving on to their brand and model.

You’ll have to repeat that process for graphics cards – navigating a huge number of specs, brands and models – memory, storage options, power supplies, cases, system cooling options – plus ensure they’re all compatible with each other AND come in under budget.

And then you’ve got to build it, install an Operating System, drivers and other software, test it, troubleshoot any issues and, finally (and hopefully) have a working system.

Phew! Thankfully, we know exactly how to build a cheap gaming PC. We’ve done all of that hard work for you – all you have to do is choose one of each option, and we’ll do the rest. Each system starts with a basic specification for each component option, giving you the freedom to upgrade as you see fit, and stay in control of your spend.

You’ll end up with the best cheap gaming PC possible, fully built, tested and shipped to your door, for around the same price as doing it yourself, without any of the headaches. Plus, we offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime local support, so if you ever need help with your gaming PC, we’ll be here.

Where To Buy A Cheap Gaming PC

We’re glad you asked, and the answer is: right here.

We are experts at delivering a cheap gaming PC fit to play all the latest games, at a price you can afford. We pride ourselves in using the latest gaming technology at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere, and often cheaper than you can source the parts yourself.

We specialize in the best cheap gaming desktops, gaming PCs under $1000 or $1500, and cheap pre-built gaming PCs in Australia. We also offer high end gaming PCs, catering to customers for whom power and performance is everything.

No one works harder to find the best deals on the latest gaming parts. We work closely with the industry’s leading names – AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and all the big brands – and pass the savings directly onto you. We’re committed to lowering the cost of entry into PC gaming for everyone, but also understand that quality matters. That’s why our systems start at a base spec, and allow you to upgrade each part as you like.

Go ahead – shop around. We’re confident you’ll find TechFast is the answer to the question of where to buy a cheap gaming PC.

Best Gaming PC Under $1000

If you thought it was impossible to get the best gaming PC under $1000, think again. As Australia’s fastest growing manufacturer of gaming PCs, we feel confident in recommending a number of our systems as the best gaming PC under $1000.

In fact, we’ve made it super easy to choose your cheap gaming PC, by listing every gaming PC under $1000 we currently offer all in the one place.

Choose from a number of configurations from both AMD and Intel, with many systems featuring AMD Ryzen 3 and 5 processors and Intel Core i3 and i5 processors falling into the Best Gaming PC Under $1000 category.

Graphics cards options range from the AMD Radeon RX 580, and other cards depending on availability, and when it comes to memory, storage, motherboard, power supply and more, you can upgrade each system to your liking and budget.

Our advice is to choose the best processor and graphics card you can afford for your budget, and stretch as far as you can when it comes to memory and storage. That way, you’ll get the power and value you’re after – the best of both worlds!

Best Pre-Built Gaming PC

Why choose TechFast as the place to buy the best pre-built gaming PC over another system builder, or building it yourself? With thousands of satisfied customers, we’ve established our reputation as Australia’s fastest growing builder of cheap gaming PCs, offering outstanding builds that deliver on quality, performance and value. Each pre-built gaming PC from TechFast receives the same quality gaming PC parts, the same attention to detail in build and testing, and is backed by warranty and lifetime phone and email support.

The relationships we’ve built with the industry’s biggest names means no one can compete on price. Our pricing is so good, you’ll find it difficult to build it yourself for the price – even after we assemble it, install software and drivers, rigorously test it, and ship it to your door! The people in our organization have decades of experience in building gaming PCs, and we bring this expertise to every budget gaming PC we build.

All of this means that when you choose TechFast for your next gaming PC, you’ll get the best pre-built gaming PC money can buy…and for less than anywhere else!

Best Cheap Gaming Desktop

Getting the best cheap gaming desktop doesn’t have to mean skimping on performance, especially where it matters. We work harder than any other gaming PC business to ensure you get the maximum possible frames per second for your hard-earned dollars.

Our deals get you into the latest and greatest gaming technology, for less. We only build with the most recent gaming PC parts, like graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, and desktop processors like AMD’s Ryzen 5000 and 7000 Series as well as 12th + 13th Generation Intel Core processors. We offer a range of upgrades for other components, such as memory/RAM, motherboards, power supplies and storage, which gives you the power and flexibility to build the best cheap gaming desktop you can get, at the lowest possible price.

Upgrade options to consider include an additional RAM module, which is of particular benefit to AMD Ryzen processors, and will enhance the multitasking abilities of any AMD or Intel-based system, or faster RAM speeds, currently offered on selected systems. An upgrade to your motherboard from the entry-level A320 (AMD) or H610M (Intel) board to the B550/B660 provides some overclocking capabilities and an M.2 slot for super-fast storage options. Upgraded and rated power supplies offer additional headroom for power-hungry components or future upgrades, while additional storage is a must for those downloading or storing large games, applications, music, photos and videos.

Whatever you’re looking for in your cheap gaming desktop, you’ll find it here at TechFast.